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Anticipating Autumn 2019

Autumn is just around the corner.  Cool nights, warm(ish) days, and the onset of the gorgeous colors across the landscape.

My home state of Maine offers an excellent service of reporting on the color change progression.

You can see the reports and graphics at:
Website: Maine Foliage
Facebook:  Maine Foliage Facebook

They also have the option to submit your photo for their possible use on the site(s).

It’s an excellent way to keep track of what’s going on in the areas you plan to visit.
Thorough research is the key to making great images.

This is especially true for Fall in Maine since most of our trees are conifers.  Maybe that’s why we’re known as the Pine Tree State in addition to Vacationland!  Finding extensive stands of deciduous trees can be a challenge, particularly on the islands (such as where I live) and the Down East area.

Tune back in throughout October/November for pictures of this year’s colors and sights!