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Heavy Darkness

Tonight we are having what I call “heavy darkness.”

This is when it seems darker than it should be.  This is usually brought on by foul weather.  Currently we have a low ceiling with a deep cloud cover, combined with light precipitation.  There is no light coming from the night sky and little to no errant light pollution from the nearby town and cities.

Even the headlights don’t seem to illuminate as well as they normally do.

I’ve used this new term as the opportunity to add a static Vocabulary page to the site.  It’s currently in a rudimentary stage; given that it has just one entry – lol, and I want to make it easy to navigate.  But, for now, click here to check it out.  (Also, feel free to request additions or to contribute your own terminology.)

Welcome to PhotonSmith.com

Hello, and welcome to PhotonSmith.com.

This is my little corner of the internet world where I discuss, theorize, research, and otherwise pontificate about photography and image making.

PhotonSmith defined (sourced from Merriam-Webster.com):

Smith: maker — often used in combination <gunsmith> <tunesmith>

Photon: a unit of intensity of light at the retina equal to the illumination received per square millimeter of a pupillary area from a surface having a brightness of one candle per square meter

While literally it means maker of light, I prefer to think of it as maker of things from light.

So, I say: Welcome and feel free to join me in a journey through the use of light.